Positioned to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage to achieve its vision.

We are an Oil and Gas servicing company with three decades of expertise that spans Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Project Management.

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Who Are We?

In line with our mission, we recruit, retain and reward a high-performance workforce

Betkol has a hardworking, virile and dynamic workforce that is
managed and controlled by a group of highly competent management team with tons of experience in the
petroleum sector, giving our company an edge over
others in terms of productivity and service delivery
to our shareholders and clientsrespectively.

Our Services Includes



We employ cost-effective and efficient

solutions that ensure our clients
experience significant cost savings and
maintain strong relationships with Original
Equipment Manufacturers. Our
procurement solutions includes:

Mechanical Construction

When it comes to specialization in the field of mechanical construction, one area that shines brightly is precision fabrication. With unrivaled expertise and state-of-the-art techniques, we deliver top-notch fabrication services that set the standard in the industry.

Maintenace Services

Elevating Maintenance Services: Expert Tank Cleaning and Waste Management Solutions! 

Within the realm of specialization, our focus shines on two essential maintenance services: Tank Cleaning and Waste Management

Equipment Leasing & Civil Engineering Works

Unlocking Specialization in Equipment Leasing & Civil Engineering Works: Unleashing Efficiency, Precision, and Reliability!

Within the realm of specialization, our focus is twofold: Equipment Leasing and Civil Engineering Works. With unparalleled expertise in these areas, we provide a comprehensive range of specialized services designed to meet your specific needs.


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